FirstMed is Urgent Care
It takes days to get in to see a primary care physician or specialist. You could wait hours in the E.R. for less serious health concerns, and that's too much time and money lost. That's why FirstMed is the ideal solution for your health care needs.
FirstMed will help you keep your workforce safe and healthy.
Occupational Medicine is all about keeping your workforce productive and safe. While FirstMed excels at this what sets us apart is our comminment to communication. Insuring that you know the details about your employees care is of paramount importance.
1512 Renaissance Town Dr. #100
Bountiful, UT 84010
(801) 295-6483
(801) 335-0339 (FAX)

Mon - Fri: 9am-  7pm
Sat: 9am-5pm
Sun: Closed 

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Salt Lake City
441 S. Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
(801) 973-2588
(801) 973-6985 (Fax)

Mon - Fri: 7am-7pm 

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5911 S. Fashion Boulevard
Murray, UT 84107
(801) 266-6483
(801) 266-6916 (FAX)

Mon - Sun: 10am-8pm 

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Cottonwood Heights
1950 East 7000 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(801) 943-3300
(801) 943-3461 (FAX)

Mon - Sun: 9am-7pm 

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West Jordan
8822 S. Redwood Road
West Jordan, UT 84088
(801) 256-0009
(801) 256-1133 (FAX)

Mon - Fri: 9am -7pm
Sat: 9am - 5pm
Sun: Noon - 5pm

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